Service Details

Technical support centre

TSC enables remote monitoring of geographically distributed network resources. We can offer these services remotely from a central site, allowing it to be scaled easily as our customer base grows. The solution offers the following benefits:


  • It enables a service delivery platform.


  • It helps in optimization of operational costs.
  • It provides increased visibility into the usage of the devices by their customers, which can be used in developing and improving the future versions of the device.

TSC offers a secure, highly available, scalable, resilient and customizable service delivery platform which can be used for a wide range of equipments. The deployment involves installation of a central server at the Technical Support center with remote distributed mediation servers (DMS) installed at each customer location. The DMS collects status of devices in its location and communicates it to the central server. Operators and service personnel can access this information at the central site or be intimated by an e-mail or a message on a mobile device.


Following services can be provided through TSC

  • Remote maintenance services
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Facility management for all our offerings