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Canteen Management

Canteen management is a fully integrated, network able Canteen Point of Sale Management System designed to simplify and enhance canteen management. This card-based system, utilizing existing employee access cards that are linked to valid employee accounts, offers a reliable method of payment while the resulting cashless environment ensures increased security.


This cashless environment eliminates the necessity of physical cash reconciliation and dramatically enhances the transaction process at the Point-of-Sale.


The system is PC based, thus the control and administration of employees and system functions reside at a Central Solus Server. The system can be configured to handle both cash and card transactions (debit and/or credit accounts).


  • Does away with hard ‘cash’ in your canteen environment thus eliminating unnecessary security risks
  • Eliminates the timorous cashing up & reconciling process at every day end
  • Has optional ‘self-service’ cash loader for uploading credit
  • Daily or monthly limits can be set up on account transactions
  • Card holders image can be stored and displayed at the POS terminal


  • Card balances are available at all times, with or without the card
  • Systems are online and therefore there is no need to shut down the operation to do updates