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CCTV Surveillance

The Close Circuit Television is being widely used for domestic & industrial application and at hospitals, schools, show rooms and other high security risk areas. SS SECURITY  markets and installs the complete close circuit television system. We also do surveys of the sites to give the precise integrated solution. In this system,

We have wide range of CCTV products:

  • Fixed Camera, Dome camera & Vandal Proof Camera series
  • High Speed Dome Camera series up to 30 X Optical Zoom
  • Matrix Switcher and Joystick keypad controller
  • All type of Indoor/Outdoor Housing & Accessories.

IP security camera

IP security camera: An IP security camera connects directly to an IP network by wired or wireless means, providing live digital video for all kinds of surveillance and monitoring applications.


An IP network camera can be described as a camera and computer combined in one intelligent unit. It captures and sends live video directly over an IP network, enabling authorized users to locally or remotely view, store, and manage video over standard IP-based network infrastructure.


A network camera has its own IP address. It is connected to the network and has a built-in web server, FTP server, FTP client, e-mail client, alarm management, programmability, and much more. A network camera does not need to be connected to a PC; it operates independently and can be placed wherever there is an IP network connection


We offer a wide range of high quality network cameras for securing people and property, remotely monitoring equipment and facilities. We also do surveys of the sites to give the precise integrated solution. In this system,


Special Purpose camera Equipment:

» Wireless Video & Data transmission Equipment


Video Fiber Converter for CCTV Application


» Single Video Input Fiber Converter ( Set of Transmitter & Receiver)



Video Fiber Converter is an exclusive design for CCTV signal over fiber application. It converts the standard electronic video analog signal into Multimode fiber, so the longest transmitting distance can be up to 2km without any amplifiers or repeaters. In the central control side, the optical signal will be converted back to stand video signal (NTSC/PAL).


» NVR SOFTWARE Benefits:

Pure digital system:


  1. Top quality recordings
  2. Easy maintenance
  3. Freedom from changing tapes
  4. No cumbersome storage of tapes



Network based system:

  1. Run multiple cameras via the same cable / Ether net
  2. Cover larger areas more efficient.
  3. Connect via the Internet for remote access
  4. Better scalable and performance



NVR Management Software Features:

  • Embedded smart guard system to handle unusual events and instant notification actions
  • GUI interface to setup recording schedule without limitation
  • Smart Search for motion , missing object, foreign object and more events
  • Dual Monitor for optimal surveillance



More Features:

  • Support IP cameras up to 64 channels or more by different package .
  • Support whole series products of ACTi, Arecont Vision, AXIS, Etrovision, IQinvision, Lumenera, Panasonic, PiXORD, Qmik, SONY, VIVOTEK, ZAVIO and more network cameras
  • Utilizing complete functions supplied by IP cameras and easy configuration
  • Support intelligent detecting motion, missing object, foreign object, lose focus and camera occlusion
  • Dual monitor support for viewing live video and playback simultaneously
  • Embedded video enhancement tools when playback to improve image clarity in poor visibility conditions
  • Printing and image/video export of evidence
  • Complete system and event log database
  • Enables manual control ,preset and patrol of PTZ and dome camera
  • Enable I/O connection on cameras
  • Remote access from windows application or we browser
  • Built-in web server for connection from web browser