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SS Security Solutions further referred as SS SECURITY, specializes in helping you take your entire Office environment directly to business effectiveness by the most efficient & shortest route. We provide enterprise- wide e-business and infrastructure solutions that work for you - and keep working for you with ongoing support, education, training and systems monitoring services to keep you competitive. No matter what your current situation, SS SECURITY SOLUTIONS helps you put it all together and go directly to success. Whether you're looking for assistance in completing a small integration project, require in- depth expertise in building a large multifaceted system, or want to find a turnkey solution, SS SECURITY has the resources, project management skills and experience you need!
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sssecuritysolution is a Leading IT Infrastructure System Integration Firm providing the IT Solutions with Network services
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Speed to market. Never has it been more critical than in today's business-paced world. Margin for error is non- existent. Perfection is the test for every step in the process. From prototype to finished product. To ensure success, you need a company that can turn that brainpower into practical, cost-effective answers. You need SS SECURITY SOLUTIONS. In the world of today's business the only route worth taking is the one that works. At the heart of it all is Integration. Our philosophy is simple. Bring together the best minds. Give them the freedom to think. Focus that thinking on our clients' unique problems. Then get out of the way. The result is test and measurement solutions that continually exceed client expectations.

You wouldn't build a house by building a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom and a living room and then trying to cobble them together over a weak foundation. You shouldn't build your business information and business systems that way either, and with SS SECURITY SOLUTIONS you don't have to.

Our consultative approach, comprehensive solutions and industry partnerships give you the big picture. We'll provide a focused automation solutions that are right for you, and we'll make sure they work together - and keep working together - to give you the competitive edge you need, to help you to meet productivity objectives.

What really adds value to everything we do is something no one excels at like we do- looking beyond the measurement itself to understand first what you're trying to measure and then, precisely what you want to learn from that measurement. So you get more than just numbers. You get meaningful results.

Every aspect of your business is affected by your communications, IT infrastructure and e-business capabilities. Now more than ever, businesses need the latest and most integrated back-office and online technologies to stay competitive. Unfortunately, too many companies are reactive when it comes to business technology. Throwing the latest "solution" at isolated issues as they crop up over time results in a jumble of mismatched and incompatible technology that hampers your business processes instead of improving them. SS SECURITY SOLUTIONS specializes in helping you take your entire Office environment directly to business effectiveness by the most efficient route. No matter what your current situation, we can leverage technology and the Internet to provide a back-office and communication infrastructure that has a positive effect on your business processes and the bottom line.

First, SS SECURITY assesses your current business and IT environment. We establish where you are, confirm where you're going, and identify what you need to get there. Every business is different, and by understanding your business situation and goals SS SECURITY can help you develop a unique IT transformation plan. SS SECURITY helps you achieve those goals with the least amount of time, effort and money through SHORTEST ROUTE! Second, SS SECURITY combines our services with technologies from industry leaders to provide the best business technology foundation to meet your needs - we partner with the people and companies developing the most effective solutions in the industry. Third, SS SECURITY helps you cross the business-technology chasm to provide the best possible solutions for your business -flexible, robust, well-engineered solutions that work together throughout your enterprise, allowing you to focus on your business.


Our focus never wavers from your needs every step of the way.



From our initial consultation, throughout the project specification phase, we’ll immerse ourselves in every aspect of your business. Working tirelessly to uncover the nuances key to creating the system best suited to your unique situation.


  • Once everyone agrees to the scope of the project we focus the same energy and enthusiasm on developing your optimal system. Keeping you informed and involved every step of the way.
  • After we’ve chosen the hardware and developed the software, your SS SECURITY SOLUTIONS is

ready for integration and testing at your site. In some cases, this phase will require a series of installation steps.

  • At the end of the installation phase, we can provide all the documentation you’ll need to make the

most of your system. From development of user manuals to software documentation, training manuals to hardware drawings.

  • Installation completed, your relationship with SS SECURITY SOLUTIONS is just beginning. With on-

going support ranging from a few months to several years. As little or as much assistance as you need.

Your one stops RFID Customized Solution:

With our technology knowledge-base and varied industry exposure, we select the right product for you to conceptualize the required system. Our strong trade partnerships enable us to provide you with industry standard, high performance RFID components with ease. You benefit from our vast project deployment experience by getting seamless and hassle-free integration with your existing system. Our dedicated and committed teams of RFID technologists make sure that your systems are installed and maintained to perform at its peak.

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The Solution we specialize in helping you take your entire Office environment directly to business effectiveness by the most efficient route.

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Broadband :

Shared & Dedicated Internet Bandwidth, International Private Leased Circuits (IPLC), National Private Leased Circuits (NPLC), IP based VPN Services, Data Center Services, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), E-Mail Solutions.

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Networking Equipment: Modems, Routers, Switches, Multiplexers, Firewall & other Active & Passive components used for LAN/WAN connectivity.

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Electronic Security:

RFID, Access Control System, Fire Alarm & Suppression System, CCTV & Remote Video Surveillance, Video Phones Mobile Phone Jammer, Global Positioning System, Parametry Fencing, Parking Control System, Gate/Barrier Automation, Turnstile etc.

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Audio & Video conferencing, KTS Exchanges, IP Enabled Voice Switches.

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We provide software solutions to suit your requirement which integrates all hardware and your Business Process.

IP security camera

CCTV are the key facilitator of all places as they provide ultimate security and ensure safety.


CCTV cameras will help you to protect your home and office from external dangers caused by people and other resources. The advanced invention in CCTV cameras are IP cameras. The IP cameras are also known as Internet Protocol cameras or network cameras. IP cameras can be connected to a range of other devices using internet network and IP number for surveillance purposes. When you decide to protect your assets you need to contact the best security system dealers to choose the right security system.

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    • CPA - 99 New seelampur Delhi-110053.
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Main Branch

    • CPA - 99 New seelampur Delhi-110053.
    • +7838350635
    • FB TW BE DR

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